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Try the thrill of playing trivia games for cash. No luck is involved, only brains.

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Did you ever try to play trivia for money online? This is quite a new option which i was not available at the www until 2 years ago. Trivia lovers say that playing trivia games for money online is more thrilling and fun than just play for free or practice, and good trivia players win nice cash every day, as trivia is a skilled based game, even more than poker, and the good players will always beat an inferior player. The amounts played are varied, from few cents for each game or question you answer right, up to $5 or $10 a game. There are also trivia games which are not multiplayer trivia games, so you don't play against real people, but you need to answer correctly a certain number of questions to win the jackpot. The jackpot amount is varied between few dollars to few thousand dollars, depending on the site and time. Unlike casino games, it is not likely that someone will lose lots of money playing trivia for money, as if you are not a strong player, you will not keep playing thinking you will be lucky and win back like in casino games, as there is no such thing as luck on trivia for money, only general knowledge, and some strategic ability, depending on the type of game. Some players who are fast are using search engines like google to find an answer they are not sure about, but this trick does not always works, because the time to answer is short and limited, and you might be out of time before you managed to google it, look for the right answer, and go back to your game window to click on the right answer. Money trivia is becoming more popular now, but it is still small and developing comparing to other skilled based games. The most important thing in these sites is to play multiplayer trivia games against other players and not against yourself, sometimes in a certain category, like play movies trivia online . If you are interested in games for cash online which are not trivia, you can try to play to win money on bingo but this is of course game which is based on pure luck. new best no deposit bingo sites that pay real money is anew online bingo directory with useful information. You can also try the new tastybingo uk site


f you want to play cash trivia, join 247 trivia  game for free and see if you can beat trivia lovers from all around the world. Most of the money players at 247trivia are from the USA, but there are large groups of Australian trivia players, Canadian trivia players, UK trivia players, and south African bingo players. If you like the game, and win more than you lose, you can always deposit money and become a money player. there are other games where you can win cash money or search for 2010 new bingo sites to find out what's the hottest online bingo site.


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